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Development Permit Application

A development permit is required before the building of any structure on your property.  This permit shall be presented to council and a motion be made before the Development Officer can proceed with granting you authorization to build. 

There are two (2) common types of permits:

Permitted Accessory Use: This permit application would be filled out for farm buildings and structures that are used for agricultural purposes.  Examples of this would be storage sheds, barns and grain bins.  There is not cost for these permits to be processed.

Permitted Principal Use: This permit application would be filled out for all other buildings. Examples of these would be houses and shops.  There is a $10.00 fee for these permits to be processed.

To submit one of the above permits for council to review please fill out the top portion of the development permit found by clicking on the link below, and attach a map of the yard site.  Please include where it will be located as well as any water runs, bush lines, road allowances as well as distances relevant to the grid road.

If you are planning a project that does not fall into either of these categories please contact the office so we can discuss what permit would best suit your project. 

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